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AIPEP is a non-profit organization (ONLUS in Italian) formed by professionals and operators of mental health who work as volunteers. AIPEP, created in the 1999, is active in numerous initiatives of information, prevention and assistance for people with psychological problems and in support of the development of the psychological culture.

The goal of AIPEP is  to carry on, in an increasingly wider link with informative services, activities of support and of advising, cultural initiatives and enterprises of communication, with the project of the development of a psychology attentive to the needs of the people.

What we consider an important aim of our activities is the development of the psychological culture for the comprehension of the psychological problem. We know from our experience that each mental suffering needs to be heard, that is it has to be connected with the evolutionary project of each person who lives a conflict. The psychological culture, today often unable to find an identity as it as the strong medical model at the opposite, has to clearly define its position which is the comprehension of suffering, in contrast to its denial indicated by the medical and psychopharmacological method.


AIPEP has realized, with the collaboration of the Health Department of the Italian government, Psicotel, a telephone service that offers for free information of possibilities of psychological cure in public structures and non-profit organizations. 

The net of ethic psychologists

AIPEP has realized a net of professionals of mental health which work with the attention to the needs of the patients and who have to respect many rules of ethic and professional behaviour.

Services of direct assistance for mental disorder

AIPEP organizes in the socially critical areas outpatients' departments for assistance and prevention of psychological problems primarily for young people. Numerous psychological consulting services have been realized in the schools.


AIPEP organizes twice a year conferences of psychological information in the relaxed ambience of the pub. These conferences allow the common people to learn in a simple way the arguments of psychology by participating directly.

Articles and others services of the web-site

In this web-site AIPEP publishes articles (in Italian and German) both of psychology and psychotherapy  about various issues of public interest. Other services offered in the web-site are the on-line research of the Italian public services of psychological and psychiatric cure.

How you can help AIPEP and Psicotel

All the activities of AIPEP are realized thanks to the voluntary work of the association members. To continue the work and to realize the numerous services offered for free to the population we need economical help of the people sensitive to these themes. To send a contribution one can resort to the following method:

For donations with Credit Card (or Paypal)

Donations advice

Donations in favour of "non-profit" Associations (ONLUS), including the AIPEP, are tax deductible. The AIPEP is a non-profit Association registered in the Sole Registry of ONLUS pursuant to Article 4 Par. 2 of Ministerial Decree no. 266 of 18 July 2003.

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